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New used and never abused guitars, amps, equipment, accessories, wax, LPs, albums, CDs, 45s, original concert posters, fine prints, old and new pop t-shirts, pop art prints, memorabilia, collectibles, small talk, mirth, inspiration, creativity to burn, printed matter, snake oil & lighting in a bottle.

What we offer…

~ Taking consignment of good quality instruments & gear. Does NOT have to be super fancy and untouchable. We’re all about getting good quality instruments in the hands of people to play at reasonable prices.
~ Record your song! Quick and easy single recording with both audio and video. Send a song to your love, your mom, your kids. Have it for eternity.
~ Local artist record release parties
~ Poster artist salons
~ Featured gear makers
~ Beer & Wine tastings
~ Looking for music teachers, luthiers, guitar techs, repair people, amp masters, etc. to help refer you to others looking for the same. Let’s grow together.
~ Looking guitar makers, original handmade gear, guitar/music accessories, cabinet makers, amp makers, etc. If you have a cool product that even remotely connects to music, we’ll take a look. We love unique ideas by “the little guy”

One Metallica by Cissie on Guitar with Hammett solo MULTICAM HD

Rage Against the Machine: Testify Rage Against The Machine

1985 Marshall JCM800 2204 Rock and Beyond

Crazy Train from Thirty Years After The Blizzard DVD

New Wave Theatre Dead Kennedys, Martini Ranch, Killer Pussy, Mnemonic Devices, Fear, Plugz

OZZY OSBOURNE I Don t Know 1981 (Live Video)

JD McPherson | Head Over Heels (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Caline Orange Burst Overdrive Pedal Demo

How to Understand Guitar Pedal Order | Guitar Pedals

BANG FOR THE BUCK! Flamma Preamp Modulation Pedals!

DigiTech® TRIO Featuring Jason Zerbin

A Blues Guitarist Tries the BOSS Blues Driver BD 2 Pedal My Review

Matt Guitar Murphy, Billy Stepney Memphis Slim Live at the 1963 European Blues Festival

Melvin Taylor @ Rosa s Chicago1999 / Paul Parello s Blues Power

Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom | The Frankenstein of LP s

Van Halen Ain t talkin bout love guitar cover

VOX Settings Clean

Eddie and Alonzo Pennington Play The Guitar Rag | Kentucky Muse | KET

Electro Harmonix The Wiggler Vibrato / Tremolo Pedal (Demo by JJ Tanis)

Metallica Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) Live Chicago 1983

★ Bob Marley the Wailers ★ One Love Peace Concert 1978

Stevie Ray Vaughan ~Voodoo Child ~ Live From Austin T

B.B. King Licks | Reverb Learn to Play

10 Ways To Reduce Your Guitar Amps Noise, Buzz or Hum (without a noise gate pedal)

Marshall JTM60 1x12 combo demo

How to Spot a FAKE Fender in Seconds!

Deleted video

Legendary Tones Hot Mod V2 Turn Your Marshall JCM 800 Into a FIRE BREATHER

Reverend Gary Davis Guitar Lesson Hesitation Blues 1

How to play Cannonball Rag Chords (Part 1)

Private video

George Klein s Memphis Sounds (Elvis Presley Tribute 2014) Part 1

Locking Tuners: How to Use Correctly

How To Apply Fret Markers for fingerboard // Inlay Stickers

RUSH La Villa Strangiato Live In Holland 1979 NEW 2018 60fps Remaster

Marshall JTM60

Pixies Gouge Away (Houston 02.27.14) HD

BB King Teaches How to Solo Over a Blues Progression! Animated Fretboard Guitar Lesson (fretLIVE)

Ozzy OsbourneRandy Rhoads Live Albuquerque, New Mexico Video

The Guitar 1980 1989 | Rock Guitar Heroes

Best of New Wave Theater Volume 1

Freddie King Have You Ever Loved A Woman

Deleted video

Sony Alpha A7RIII and A7III Custom Settings for Movies

Vox Pop The Story of Dick Denney and the AC30 amp

The Edge on the Telecaster | Fender

Slack Key Guitar: Licks Using Hammer ons and Pull offs Part 1

Deleted video

Tommy Emmanuel Thumbpicking Masterclass


James Brown Soul Power live in Kinshasa Zaire, 1974.9

How To Eradicate The Tremolo Ticking Noise On Fender Deluxe And Twin Reverb Amps

Electro Harmonix Epitome Reverb / Flanger / Octave Multi Effect Pedal (Demo by Bill Ruppert)

Helmet In The Meantime 1994

Boston More Than A Feeling (SHRED VERSION) || Sophie Lloyd

How to Improve Your Guitar Amp Sounds EASILY | Review and Demo BBE 462 Maximizer | Tony Mckenzie

Eddie Van Halen s Dad

Tom Morello | Fender Signature Sessions | Fender

Electro Harmonix Super Pulsar Stereo Tap Tremolo Pedal (Demo by Bill Ruppert)

Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet guitars Broadchurch meets Tron!

Why You Need a BOSS SD 1

BLACK SABBATH Black Sabbath (Official Video)

VOX Cambridge 15 V9159 review

B.B. King Orchestra Live At The North Sea Jazz Festival • 14 07 1979 • World of Jazz

AC DC Sin City The Midnight Special 1978

Way Huge Fat Sandwich Distortion: Working With Humbuckers (Instructional Demo)

Slave (Lesson) Rolling Stones

Smashing Pumpkins : Bullet with butterfly wings

Pedalboard How to order my guitar pedals stompboxes! FX Chain Perfected!

Sammy Hagar Montrose 1974

Mick Ronson Sound

Fender Stratocaster VOX AC30 CC1 MXR FUZZ Classic 108 Ibanez TS 9, Hendrix tones

【LESSON】God Save The Queen (SexPistols tribute)_ Solo

Private video

Bubble Free Polyurethane Application Technique

Squier Surpassing Fender Guitars In Quality?

Easy Fix Made Difficult Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 Repair

Paul Rivera Sr explains the mods on the Fender 68 Deluxe Reissue demo at end


Deleted video

Find Yourself | Lukas Nelson | 08/30/17 | Relix Studio Sessions

The Mavericks The Mavericks Live On CONAN Summertime (When I m With You)

Mods anyone can do to their Fender Strat. Sharpen My Axe

Tone City King of Blues

The Wild One (Marlon Brando) 1953 Full Movie [HD]

Bluegrass Underground Season 7 w/ The Mavericks Dance in the Moonlight

For The Love Of God Steve Vai Cover by Tina S

Deleted video

Electro Harmonix Holy Stain Distortion/Reverb/ Pitch/Tremolo Pedal (Film by Michael Leonhart)

BULLET V3 all tube guitar amplifier

JOHN 5 Shredding for

All Nightmare Long Metallica full guitar cover with Kirk Hammett solo

How to Refinish A Guitar | I Like To Make Stuff

Origins of Tone! Marshall vs Fender vs Vox (VERY LOUD!)

Harmonic Humanity Jason Mraz Concert (2019)

Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughan Champagne and Reefer


Born on the Bayou (HD)

George Klein s Memphis Sounds with Scotty Moore

Epiphone valve junior easy mods part 1

The Smithereens A Girl Like You Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Blow Up 1966 Yardbirds Jimmy Page Jeff Beck

The 100 watt Seymour Duncan Convertible Tube Amp

LED ZEPPELIN Dazed And Cofused 1968.avi

Joyo California Sound (Mesa Boogie) Pedal Demo

Leo Kottke Vaseline Machine Gun 12 String Guitar CNN

Demo: La Baye 2x4 Standard Reissue Demo Video by RJ Ronquillo

Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar LL TA/LS TA

Eagles Life in the Fast Lane Guitar Lesson

Marshall JCM2000 DSL 5 Killer Tones

Yngwie Malmsteen How to Play Fast

Flogging Molly Float (Official Video)

Christmas Wrapping The Waitresses (Bass Cover)

Make Your SQUIER Sound Like a FENDER for $20!!

CCR The Lost Oakland Broadcast Complete Show 1080p

Joe Bonamassa recreates legendary tones – in a toilet!

Joe Bonamassa Talks About the Seymour Duncan Convertible Amp

Sex Pistols God Save The Queen 1977 Video Collection 05

George Harrison Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) (Live)

Why it s hard (FOR SRV FANS) to sound like Jimi Hendrix

How to Hydro Dip a Guitar Pedal (Tutorial with Tips Mistakes)

Getting Started Playing Slack Key Lesson 8: Kealoha

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Lesson

How to Play Rockabilly Rhythm Guitar / Mystery Train Folsom Prison Blues Style Travis Picking

Sonny Landreth The Ultimate Slide Guitar Lesson

Rig Rundown JD McPherson

R.I.P. Chris Cornell Audioslave Gasoline Live at Late Show

Guitar Amp Setup for Marshall Tube Amp

The Guitar 1990 1999 | WHEN ROCK GOT REAL

Stilettos Who Dat

The Mavericks Dance In The Moonlight

Private video

Private video

The Beatles Because (Binaural Remix)

Iron Maiden Hammersmith 1982 Full Concert

Turn your Origin 20 into a PROPER PLEXI!!

MIMI FOX: Performing in the GP Studio

What Gear Did Jimmy Page Actually Use In Led Zeppelin? ( The Early Years)

They used a MASSIVE shortcut...

Sex pistols God save the queen HQ (live 2007)

Official AMPLIFi Tone Examples Volume 1 | Line 6

Marshall JCM800 2203 Reissue | The King Of All? |

History of the Beatles Effects

Fender Pro Reverb 1980

Nux Time Force Delay Pedal

Canned Heat Let s Work Together

Power Amp vs Preamp Distortion in a Valve / Tube Amp Info Demo (Marshall Origin, 5150lbx, VC15)

Stevie Ray Vaughan 5 6 90 Jazz Fest NOLA

Fender Super Champ X2 Guitar Amplifier

How to Mic a Guitar Amp Record Guitars

Setting Up Your Pedalboard (Part I) Pedal Order Guitar Lesson 56

How to play the intro for Sweet Child O Mine on guitar #JGTRSweetChild

Tune a Floyd Rose in 60 seconds

Boss Katana Amp Review with Chappers the Capt!

Rage Against The Machine Killing In The Name (Live At Finsbury Park)

Private video

The Eminence Texas Heat Guitar Speaker Demo

The Making of Jimmy Page s Mirrored and Dragon® Telecaster Models | Artist Signature Series | Fender

Creation Audio | HOLY FIRE 9 | Overdrive Distortion | w/ Clean Boost | 3 in 1 Gain Device

Bob Marley The Wailers Full Concert Live at Santa Barbara 1979

Secrets of the Marshall JMP 2204 Master Model 50W Mk2 Lead Head The PERFECT Marshall Amp!

Quicksand Freezing Process

Led Zeppelin That s The Way Guitar Lesson (Chords, Strumming Pattern, Interlude and more!!)

Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout guitar solo

68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Tremolo Ticking Fix

Private video

Sex Pistols Liar Randy s Rodeo 1978

How to Fix Wah and Fuzz Problems Wah Before Fuzz

Deleted video

Marshall MG100HDFX Halfstack with Veteran 30 Speakers

Here s How: Merle Travis Cannonball Rag with Tommy Emmanuel

Joyo Electric Guitar Effects Pedals Review for Artist Guitars

How to Find the Perfect Guitar Pedal Order with Steve Vai

Barrie Cadogan MK I Tonebender with 56 Esquire 59 Les Paul

Albert Lee Guitar Lesson

60th Ann 72 reissue Thin line Telecaster

Imagine The Story of the Guitar Part 1 In the Beginning

JD McPherson | Head Over Heels (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

DIY: How to Mic Your Amp for Stellar Tone

Dont knock the Rock (UK tv show starring Gene Vincent, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis).avi

Jason Mraz and Blane Lyon I Won t Give Up Live at the Filmore

Metallica s James Hetfield At Guitar Center

Greta Van Fleet Lover Leaver Taker Believer Rock Am Ring 2018

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Electric Guitar Amp Demo

Folkesson modification on a Marshall JCM900 Hi Gain Dual Reverb

Melvin Taylor Sitting on Top of the World live @ Bordeaux Festival Relache 2019

1958 and 1960 Gibson Les Paul vs Heritage H150 with WCR Crossroads shootout.

ANGELEX Space Train (Angeline Saris Lex Razon)

How To Play Rebel Rebel by David Bowie Guitar Lesson Tutorial

JCM900 Bias Video

How to Spot a FAKE Gibson in Seconds!

Tom Morello s Great Solos

Marshall JCM800 | The Sound of Rock N Roll

Blackout Effectors Whetstone Phaser

Squier vs Fender

Harley Benton (Joyo) Vintage Overdrive Pedal Demo

The Record Company Baby I m Broken (Living Room Concert)

Private video

1960s Dallas Rangemaster | CME Vintage Demo | Alex Chadwick

Lightin Hopkins pt 1

Greatly Improve your Fender Telecaster for 3 bucks.

Amp demo

KILL The Hum and Buzz!! Keeping Your Single Coils QUIET!

Joe Bonamassa Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks (2014)

Metallica Metal Hammer Fest 14 09 1985

Van Halen did NOT invent tapping!!... This Italian guy did in 1965!!!

Deleted video

How To Tune Your Toms Quick EASY w/ Rob Brown

The White Stripes Ball and Biscuit PARIS 2007.avi

Dead Kennedys: Live @ The Island, Houston, TX 8/18/84 (Complete)

The Mystical Journey of Jimmy Page s 59 Telecaster | Fender

Fixing noise in a Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb

Living the Blues with Hubert Sumlin

Brief Applause: Guitar Slim

EPIC RIFFS: Stevie Ray Vaughan The Hardest Blues Riff?!

How To Make Your Cheap Drum Set Sound Amazing

This Van Halen Lick Will Transform Your Guitar Playing

6 ways to use an EQ pedal for better tone, Fender Hot Rod amp tips

The Record Company Feels So Good (Living Room Concert)

Deleted video

EHX Tone Tattoo single effects

The Atomic Bitchwax So Come On 2007

EVH and SRV tone from new Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp

What order to put your pedals in.

The 40 Something Watt Amp Showdown! JTM45 vs. Bassbreaker 45 vs. Sheriff 44

Blackheart Little Giant

Rage against the machine Bulls on parade [Live@SWU Festival in Brazil 2010]

Guitar Habits of Slash

Fishbone The Late Show 1987 Performance Interview

Ramones Live At The Rainbow December 31, 1977

Montrose Bad Motor Scooter (Live at the Old Grey Whistle Test 1974)

Electro Harmonix Holy Stain Multi Effect

High School 1327 Winter Concert, Night 2: 2020 Stories

How To Tune Drums by DW s John Good

how to play Rebel Rebel on guitar by David Bowie | electric guitar lesson tutorial

Spinal Tap Back from the Dead Full 2009 Interview

Deleted video


Compression Pedals explained

TUBE AMP SHOOT OUT Marshall JCM 900 vs JCM 2000 vs JVM 205H vs Splawn SuperComp

Private video

Digitech Whammy Part 1

Marshall Origin vs 1987X 50 Watt Plexi

Blackened Metallica guitar cover by Cissie Kirk Hammett solo included

How To Add A Tremolo To Your Gibson SG

The Slog Movie (1982)

Pantera Walk (Official Music Video) [4K]

Stevie Ray Vaughan Jeff Healey Look at Little Sister

What order should guitar pedals be in chain.

The Greatest TWO Chord Song of All Time

Stevie Ray Vaughan Texas Flood (Live at the El Mocambo)

Kustom Amplification Documentary

Bruce Springsteen Tom Morello The Ghost of Tom Joad | 25th Anniversary Concert

Brighten a Dark/Muddy Humbucker Pickup

AC/DC Flick of the Switch (Official HD Video)

Eagles of Death Metal Speaking in Tongues (Houston 05.18.16) HD

Private video

Setting up AMPLIFi FX100 for gigging | Line 6

Modded Valve Jr (TONE MONSTER!!!!!!!!!)

1992 Marshall JCM 900 Dual Reverb 4500 (with Liam Mod).

Tone City Pedals Dual Button Guitar Pedals Big Tone, Little Price!

Garageband 11 How to Assign Samples to your Keyboard

Vivian Campbell Guitar Instruction, Lessons, DVDs

JJ Grey Mofro The Sweetest Thing feat. Toots Hibbert (Official Music Video)

Why Many Rock Players Can t Play Blues Guitar

Line 6 Helix after one year of use

Minor Threat Live at 9:30 Club (June 23rd 1983)

Joe Satriani Private Lesson Official

Buying Guide for Vox ac30cc1 Guitar Combo Amp

Electro Harmonix Nano POG Polyphonic Octave Generator Pedal (Demo by Bill Ruppert)

Easy Fender Twin Reverb Mod

Beethoven, Because and John Lennon

Rush Exit stage left ( Montreal Outubro 1981 )

Private video

Empress Phaser

Stevie Ray Vaughan Voodoo Child Live In Cotton Club 1080P

Custom Heritage Guitar Review Guitargear1

DIY: How to Install Speakers in a 4x12 Cab, Part 1

Slack Key Guitar Tuning with Harry Koizumi

The Who Who Are You (Promo Video)

Let Me Introduce You To Some Slack Key Guitar Ideas.

The Marshall JTM45: A Short History, featuring Jeff McErlain

Electro Harmonix Mig 50 NAMM 2017

Your guitar might NOT have a ground problem

Headfirst Amps, At The Bench José Zener Diode clipping....explained!!

Deleted video

Little Red Rooster Lesson On Open G Tuning

Joe Satriani Guitar Lesson 10 Ways to Kick Ass at Guitar Live Lesson by Joe Satriani HIMSELF

Marshall 1959HW Plexi and JCM 800 | Channel Switching Tricks

Harley Benton (Joyo) American Sound Test

Private video

Eddie Van Halen Guitar Solo (Eruption / Spanish Fly / Cathedral) 8/19/1995 Toronto (Official)

One Love Bob Marley [Lyrics]

The best way to clean tolex

Digitech Whammy

The Digitech Trio, don t forget to scat.

Private video

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50! An Underrated Classic??

Tommy Emmanuel Lesson How to Fingerpick Like Chet Atkins

Improve Your Fender Hot Rod Deluxe For $10

Electro Harmonix Black Finger Optical Tube Compressor Pedal (Demo by Peter Stroud)

DIY Les Paul Guitar Kit (Part 6: Wiring the Pickups)

Black Sabbath Warpig California Jam 1974

Fender Custom 68 Sound Style! A Closer Look at... Fender 68 Custom Amplifiers

Quarantunes #28 with the Mavericks 🎶 Back In Your Arms Again

SRV Hideaway Rude Mood (Montreux 82)

Sex Pistols Anarchy in the Uk 1976 Live

Pursuit Of Tone Buddy Guy

BB King 05 Sell My Monkey [Live At Nick s 1983] HD

This is a MONSTER The BOSS SD 1 Super Overdrive Pedal Review

Marshall JCM800 vs JCM2000 Comparison

Stevie Ray Vaughan Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 9/21/1985 Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ

Born on the Bayou, CCR Solo and Fills Guitar Lesson



How to Set Pickup Height on a Les Paul | Guitar Setup

Angeline Saris for GHS Strings

Neo soul harmonies from Durand Jones The Indications

Hendrix Chord Tricks

Part 1: Whitesnake s Doug Aldrich Demos Marshall s New MG Amps at NAMM 2009

David Bowie Heroes Belew 78

Nigel Tufnel 20 (part one)

The Mavericks Mujer (Live Stream Performance)

Fulltone Is Closed: Is This The End Of The Boutique Era?

Watch Eric Clapton perform Crossroads Live!

Imagine The Story of the Guitar Part 2 Out of the Frying Pan

Ball and Biscuit The White Stripes (Elephant)

What we should learn from B.B. King The King Of Blues

How to Build Your Own Fuzz Face Radio Shack Circuit Board

John 5 and his JCM900

Using Delay Like The Edge Guitar Lesson

John 5 visits Norman s Rare Guitars

Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 Outputs Explained

The Beatles NME 1965 + Awards

Little Richard Tutti Frutti [Screen Test]

Tips, Tricks and Tutorials Ep 2 of 3 Trapezoidal Fretboard Inlays

Scotty Moore Elvis

Marshall JTM 60 Demo

The 2 in 1 Gibson vs Epiphone Blindfold Challenge The Ultimate Test!!

Megadeth Guitarist Kiko Loureiro s Shredding Secrets

The Beatles Nowhere Man (live!)

Private video

JHS Colour Box Preamp: what s it for?

My Favourite Guitar Pedal


Gibson Les Paul Special Pro

The High Numbers at the Railway Hotel, 1964

B.B. King Slow Grove Phrasing (Edit)

Dio Rainbow In The Dark Lead Guitar Solo

BB King Was Afraid To Perform At Sing Sing Prison But Called It His Best Performance Ever

Helmet Jon Stewart Show 1994 Milquetoast

Melvin Taylor Blues Rock Festival Châteaurenard Cold Cold Feeling

Scotty Moore The Sun Sessions

Stevie Ray Vaughan Best Guitar Player Sound Check What?!

HOW TO PLAY FASTER | 3 Notes Per String Scale

Music Production How To Record Amazing Clean Guitar Sounds!

Breezin’ Melvin Taylor Outplays George Benson!

Bugera 1960 Infinium (Marshall Plexi On A Budget?)

Blind Gary Davis I Heard the Angels Singing live

Soul Power Kinshasa Zaire 1974 Muhammad Ali ,James Brown,Bill Withers, B B King, The Spinners

Line 6 Firehawk FX Guitar Processor Review by Sweetwater Sound

Why Don t We Get Drunk

Les Paul shows his guitar omnibus

Micky Hardy giving a demo of some VHT amps | Music Stores in Springfield MO

How to set up a Pearl Export Drumkit | Authentic Drummer | Adrian Violi

How I Use Compression // Boss CS3

Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown Promo 1969

3 Easy Solutions to Fix Ground Noise | Guitar How to Ep02

Top Five (5) Rock Concert Opening Songs Of All Time

Big Bill Broonzy 1957: 3 Songs

This made NO SENSE until they started using it..

Hendrix Killing Floor Intro

It makes anything you play stand out..

Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue They All Have This Problem (Yes, Probably Yours, Too)

Storm Sondors Interview at the LA Auto Show 2021

The Exploited Live at Leeds 1983 UK (Full Concert)

Welcome To Nerdville: Inside Joe Bonamassa s Museum and Vintage Guitar Collection |

BIG MUFF + Marshall JCM800 = Tonal PERFECTION 👌

Consumer May 14, 2015

I learned all 248 scales and this happened..

What Makes This Song Great? Ep.22 VAN HALEN

RUSH Anthem (HQ audio video)

The BUDGET PLEXI Marshall amp? Marshall Origin 20H

Why do so many play this riff wrong? #3 | AC/DC


Master Card [Banned] Commercial : Blow Job

Helmet Unsung (Official Music Video)

Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork Polyphonic Pitch Shifter Pedal (Demo by Bill Ruppert)

How to Play That s All Right by Elvis Presley on Guitar with Scotty Moore

BEATLES Live at Hollywood Bowl 1964

Marshall JMP 2203 | The Perfect Rock N Roll Machine

The Hendrix/Frusciante Triad Trick

Metallica Creeping Death

Beatles Everybody s Trying To Be My Baby Lead Guitar Secrets

Line 6 AMPLIFi 75 Part 2: Playing with hero tone

Deleted video

How to get a good sound at bedroom levels with your tube amp.

Quilter MICROPRO 100 Guitar Amp Demo with Gibson SG

Liam Lynch United States of Whatever (Late Show)

Deep Purple Highway Star 1972 Video HQ

Fender Hotrod Deluxe Guitar Amp Demo

NIRVANA 4/10/90 Blind Pig [Full Show] Ann Arbor [2 Cam/Remastered Audio]

Rage Against The Machine Testify Live At Finsbury Park, London / 2010

10 Guitar Hacks You NEED To Know

Electro Harmonix Wiggler Tube Vibrato / Tremolo Pedal (Demo by Peter Stroud)

JTM60 The Marshall combo strikes back


Grateful Dead China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider (Winterland 10/17/74)

Brian May on Vox AC30s

Infinite Sustain Kramer Baretta Sustainer DiMarzio Super Distortion Demo

Peavey Valveking 100w REVIEW

1983 Ronnie James Dio Rainbow In The Dark (Rock Palace)

Positive Vibration Bob Marley (LYRICS/LETRA) (Reggae+Video) (HD)

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