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The story of Shamrock...

You rock. Fairfax rocks. Shamrock.

There’s a new sound in town and it’s flowing around, up and down, with never a frown. Come on down to peruse the world’s smallest music shop with the world’s widest vibration.
Half musical instrument store, half record shop and half rock/pop art gallery, if it rocks, it’s at Shamrock.

What we got…

New used and never abused guitars, amps, equipment, accessories, wax, LPs, albums, CDs, 45s, original concert posters, fine prints, old and new pop t-shirts, pop art prints, memorabilia, collectibles, small talk, mirth, inspiration, creativity to burn, printed matter, snake oil & lighting in a bottle.

What we offer…

~ Taking consignment of good quality instruments & gear. Does NOT have to be super fancy and untouchable. We’re all about getting good quality instruments in the hands of people to play at reasonable prices.
~ Record your song! Quick and easy single recording with both audio and video. Send a song to your love, your mom, your kids. Have it for eternity.
~ Local artist record release parties
~ Poster artist salons
~ Featured gear makers
~ Beer & Wine tastings
~ Looking for music teachers, luthiers, guitar techs, repair people, amp masters, etc. to help refer you to others looking for the same. Let’s grow together.
~ Looking guitar makers, original handmade gear, guitar/music accessories, cabinet makers, amp makers, etc. If you have a cool product that even remotely connects to music, we’ll take a look. We love unique ideas by “the little guy”

EPIC RIFFS: Stevie Ray Vaughan The Hardest Blues Riff?!

The Beatles Because (Binaural Remix)

Bob Marley The Wailers Full Concert Live at Santa Barbara 1979

How to play Sweet Child O Mine [#1 INTRO] Guns n Roses Guitar Lesson Tutorial (ST 376)

Bugera 1960 Infinium (Marshall Plexi On A Budget?)

Your guitar might NOT have a ground problem

Boston More than a Feeling (SHRED VERSION) || Sophie Lloyd

LED ZEPPELIN Dazed And Cofused 1968.avi

The Mystical Journey of Jimmy Page s 59 Telecaster | Fender

The Beatles Nowhere Man (live!)

Positive Vibration Bob Marley (LYRICS/LETRA) (Reggae+Video) (HD)

BANG FOR THE BUCK! Flamma Preamp Modulation Pedals!

Beethoven, Because and John Lennon

Freddie King Have You Ever Loved A Woman

Tune a Floyd Rose in 60 seconds

ANGELEX Space Train (Angeline Saris Lex Razon)

Stevie Ray Vaughan Jeff Healey Look at Little Sister

Crazy Train from Thirty Years After The Blizzard DVD

What Makes This Song Great? Ep.22 VAN HALEN

Born on the Bayou (HD)

SRV Hideaway Rude Mood (Montreux 82)

Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown Promo 1969

Smashing Pumpkins : Bullet with butterfly wings

Ozzy OsbourneRandy Rhoads Live Albuquerque, New Mexico Video

Rage Against The Machine Testify (Live At Finsbury Park, London, 2010)

OZZY OSBOURNE I Don t Know 1981 (Live Video)

The Who Who Are You (Promo Video)

RUSH Anthem (HQ audio video)

George Harrison Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) (Live)

Deleted video

Bubble Free Polyurethane Application Technique

★ Bob Marley the Wailers ★ One Love Peace Concert 1978

The Making of Jimmy Page s Mirrored and Dragon® Telecaster Models | Artist Signature Series | Fender

Consumer May 14, 2015

High School 1327 Winter Concert, Night 2: 2020 Stories

Harmonic Humanity Jason Mraz Concert (2019)

James Brown Soul Power live in Kinshasa Zaire, 1974.9

Christmas Wrapping The Waitresses (Bass Cover)

One Love Bob Marley [Lyrics]

Angeline Saris for GHS Strings

Deleted video

Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morello perform The Ghost of Tom Joad at the 25th Anniversary Concert

Barrie Cadogan MK I Tonebender with 56 Esquire 59 Les Paul

KILL The Hum and Buzz!! Keeping Your Single Coils QUIET!

Jason Mraz and Blane Lyon I Won t Give Up Live at the Filmore

HOW TO PLAY FASTER | 3 Notes Per String Scale

STEVE VAI Zepparella Babe I m Gonna Leave You @ Malibu Guitar Festival 5 19 17

History of the Beatles Effects

Eddie Van Halen s Dad

Soul Power Kinshasa Zaire 1974 Muhammad Ali ,James Brown,Bill Withers, B B King, The Spinners

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